Combat Zone Live upgrades website through local company
Combat Zone Live upgrades website through local company

It’s never easy choosing a digital media company to trust with your business. Making sure they understand the needs of your business fully and executing a plan that meets those needs economically and efficiently.

After putting some businesses through their paces for service delivery and quality of product – Founding member of Combat Zone Live “Stuart Gander” – approached Gomie Design to help us meet the demands of our ever expanding business and to provide some professional support in delivering a new and a modern approach to lazer tag and outdoor activity experience for their customers.

They proved to be extensively knowledgeable in their field and have provided us with the support we were looking for and essentially needed. Together we hope to have brought to you a friendly and and easy to use platform to view our services and easy way book a great day out whether it be for corporate or pleasure.

We very much look forward to hearing the responses on your user experiences and if you feel there is something that might help us improve that experience for you, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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