Hire Combat Live

We can come to YOU, oh yes, How awesome is that. Imagine Combat Zone Live at your Event, Festival, Fete or Party.  We only need a large enough gaming area ideally a tennis court or bigger, and the bigger the better.  We will bring all the equipment necessary to play battles right on your doorstep.


Our mobile bookings are either FREE to you and we charge a gaming fee or you pay a hire fee dependant on your needs and all your players can play for FREE or as party of an entry ticket, so we would love to speak to you about your event or party needs.

We guarantee everyone will have a blast wherever you are.

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Whats Included?

SATR Laser Weapons
Medic Respawn Boxes
Barriers/Camo Nets/Walls (dependant on your area)
Smoke Grenade Packs (optional extra)

Flak Jackets, Cam Cream & Caps
Full liability insurance £10,000,000
Experienced Gaming Marshals

All YOU need is an area to play in from tennis court size and larger. Woods, fields, uneven terrain or old buildings are ideal areas but it MUST be your property. We can play inside or outside so if you have the space to fit us in then we can make your event or party go off with a bang.

Reserve your Party date by calling 07859 898222