Group bookings are perfect for schools, cadets, sports teams, colleges or community groups (ages 8-16) looking for an exciting and challenging experience to bring out the best in your people.  You will see them at their very best with adrenalin packed combat missions, clothing, equipment, lunch and conference room hire all tailored to suit your needs.  Combat Zone Live days will bring out the best in your class, workforce or team and you will see them use team work and communication to solve problems in mission such as locating objectives, defending intel or code breaking.

Your group can play combat missions such as Team Death Match, Capture The Flag, VIP Escort, Search & Destroy, Last Man Standing or Prisoner Escape. For some larger groups also have a Team Tournament Mode thats is set across 3 maps.

All accommodation, equipment, activities, food, facilities can be included in your tailored adventure. Get in touch so we can arrange your day or use our booking system to reserve your date and then we can tailor your trip as we get to know you.  We can assure you’ll have a blast together and want to come back again and again. Call us on 07859 898222.