Combat Camp

Learn basic skills to help you survive longer and win the fight. Learn to patrol as a squad, use hand signals, attack and defend positions, fire and movement drills and camourflage techniques. Various dates throughout the summer holidays, please refer back to this page from time to time.

  1. Team Death Match (TDM)
  2. Capture The Flag (CTF)
  3. Search and Destroy (SAD)
  4. VIP Hunt and Protect (VIP)
  5. Escape and Evade (POW)
  6. 6-Head Quarters Domination (HQD)

£35.00 per person per day.

Ages 10 – 16.

Don’t forget the Smoke Grenades!!

Please bring packed lunch.

0900-1500 hrs

8 Man Squad Deathmatch pits the very best of you against each other to WIN the trophy and prizes. League system followed by a knockout system of combat rounds until the Final 2 teams face off at the end of the day. Great for large groups. Book Now

Make the day of it and Play Combat Zone Live in the morning followed by a Challenge on our MOD Assault Course. Great for team building & fitness.

To Book a Full day of mayhem please get in touch. Book Now

Elite Missions

Special Ops Missions across 40 acres of Dare Valley to Recover Intel, Sabotage a Comms Tower, Rescue Hostages in Night Ops and Close Quarter Battles are just some of the advanced Special Forces missions you’ll be undertaking. All weapon set on hardcore, friendly fire is ON, team medics, radios and smoke grenades.

To Book on please call 07859 898222