Combat live Missions


Our gaming missions are fun and challenging getting you to think and work as a team. You can choose to play them how you want giving you the freedom to become the commando you always wanted to be. These are our most popular games.


  • TEAM DEATHMATCH – Eliminate the enemy team before they eliminate you.
  • CAPTURE THE FLAG – Capture all 3 of the opponent’s flag and claim victory.
  • VIP ESCORT – Assassinate the enemy VIP and protect your own.
  • SABOTAGE – Search for the Bomb and then destroy the enemy base.

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Special Missions

  • TEAM SURVIVAL – The first team to eliminate the other will win this battle. Will you go out all guns blazing or will you form a battle plan and win with stealth and skill?
  • SOLO SURVIVAL – You are on your own on this one. You will need to remember everything you have learnt to survive this battle. Last person standing wins.
  • CONTROL – Take control of a base or area and hold it until the game ends. The team holding the base for the longest time wins.
  • MULTI CONTROL – Take control of several bases, objectives or areas and hold them until the game ends. The team that holds all the bases for the longest time wins.
  • WINGMAN – You are put into pairs and it’s the last pair surviving that wins.
  • AMMO RAIDERS – You and your team will grab the ammo box and take it to a check point but be careful you don’t get hit.
  • ESCAPE AND EVADE- One team of P.O.W’s with only 1 life each will escape and evade capture from the other team of Prison Guards with unlimited lives. Can you survive the time limit?

Elite Missions

These missions are for the experienced gamer or squads that fancy a real challenge. Themed missions over several hours including map reading, eating in the woods, ambushes and even night missions. Watch this space for the next Elite Mission and sign up Trooper.

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